Designing the journey to Sydney’s biggest party

City of Sydney

Designing the journey to Sydney’s biggest party

City of Sydney

The City of Sydney challenged Pollen to design the user journey of the 2 Million people planning their New Years Eve experience in Sydney.

Organising a mountain of information

With literally thousands of possible paths from discovery through to a bleary New Year’s Day, we began by organising the enormous amount of information and user feedback collected by the City of Sydney. This included offline and online user feedback and interviews, web analytics and of course insights from City’s very experienced staff.

By working with multiple CoS departments (i.e. PM, marketing, sponsorship, web/social depts, transport etc etc) we were able to glean a thorough understanding and cross section of the numerous audience needs. These were initially documented in joint workshops to identify pain points, opportunities and requirements.

CoS Post Its

Linking insights to form themes

The requirements gathered above (through various audience feedback channels, stakeholder interviews and site stats) were grouped into common themes we call clusters. These clusters helped identify the priorities to be addressed in the final customer journey.

Creative solutions to key user needs

The clusters we developed were used as briefings for a series of creative workshops. These workshop sessions are designed to produce rapid, creative solutions to key user moments associated with each cluster. We used the outputs from these sessions to bring the final customer journey map to life.

Plotting the customer journey

The Sydney New Year’s Eve audience ranged from first-time international visitors to seasoned locals and everyone in-between. The potential journey for each key audience was captured in the final customer journey map (below).

The finished customer journey map was presented as a larger than life print, providing the City of Sydney project team, broader staff and partners with a clear vision for the 2015 event and beyond.

CoS Journey Map

The great thing about the Customer Journey Map is it gives us a clear roadmap for where we should end up.

Aneurin Coffey, Producer, Sydney New Year’s Eve