How we use AI at Pollen

Ross Gales — Sep 06, 2023

Pollen is committed to ethical, responsible AI practices.

We believe that AI can enhance the way we work when used appropriately and in the way it’s intended to be used. By prioritising safe and responsible AI practices, we believe we can all benefit from the full potential of this technology.

Our vision is to change the game by creating better digital products and experiences.

To make this vision a reality, we stay on the cutting edge of advancements like generative AI while committing to the responsible development and deployment of these powerful tools. We believe AI holds tremendous potential to spark creativity, drive efficiencies, and help us surpass expectations when implemented with human oversight and control.

We use generative AI to complement and expand our imagination and ingenuity to deliver our best work yet. AI takes on our mundane tasks so that we can focus on high value, meaningful work.

Our ethical AI principles outline how we tap into these benefits while safeguarding human agency, privacy, fairness and social responsibility.

Our AI Principles

We put people in control
We see people as integral to using generative AI. We prioritise human oversight and control, and use AI to augment our capabilities, not replace them.

We test and validate first
We welcome new generative AI models but first test them to learn their capabilities and limitations before we use them.

We’re responsible, ethical and unbiased
We avoid using generative AI in any way that could perpetuate harm, discrimination or inequality. We adhere to Australia’s AI ethics principles.

We make security and privacy a top priority
Data privacy and safety is fundamental to our use of generative AI. We respect and uphold privacy rights, and never use confidential data when we use generative AI tools. We continuously monitor and update our security practices to stay ahead of potential threats or issues.

We comply with the law
Our use of generative AI complies with Australian laws and regulations, especially in regards to data protection and intellectual property. We use AI tools in accordance with their intended purpose.

We’re accountable
We continually monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the AI technologies we use so that we surface any problems early. We transparently address any unintended consequences of our use of generative AI.

We aim to harness the benefits of generative AI tools to achieve our vision of changing the game. By pairing a deep understanding of these emerging technologies with effective risk management and a commitment to rigorous ethical AI principles, we’ll maintain a safe and productive implementation of AI.