Reshaping aged care for the customer


Reshaping aged care for the customer


KinCare is one of Australia’s largest family owned and most respected in-home aged care and disability support providers. The business has been in operation since 1992, and employs over 3000 home care workers.

In 2016 the Australian Government passed broad reaching legislative changes to the aged + disability industry, that would require KinCare (and every other provider) to make fundamental changes to the way they acquired customers - thus affecting every aspect of the business.

Not a trivial exercise for any business to undertake, let alone one of the size of KinCare

Effectively this legislative change provided a more customer-centric approach, where the end customer (and usually their primary carer - siblings/relative) would choose a supplier that they felt best matched their needs, as opposed to being previously grouped and directed to a supplier by virtue of location and or required services.

As we were initially brought in to the business in January 2017, and the legislation changes were due in late February 2017 we had some fast work to do, to bring the business in line.

So we launched into a light-weight Discovery phase with the KinCare team

This defined requirements to inform the structure of their new digital presence to meet the legislation.

Needless to say we hit the deadline with the first version of the new KinCare, which included a new website focused on direct customer awareness and acquisition.

In tandem with this work, we also began developing the broader organisational digital strategy - not a small undertaking given the enormity of the organisational change.

This strategy phase involved numerous interviews with senior KinCare business leaders and department heads in order to understand the current state, customer interviews so we could better understand their customers journey and ways in which we could improve it.

In addition, an extensive competitor review piece was also undertaken to properly understand how the primary competitors were behaving in the new legislative environment, in addition to a number of new online start up competitors in the market.

Finally, this piece was also informed by numerous customer, carer and KinCare staff member interviews who are the core of the business

Following the careful collation of all this information and numerous check in/playback sessions along the way, we worked in collaboration with KinCare to define a strategic roadmap for the business and align on initiatives to drive a more seamless user experience for the audience segments going through the ‘care’ journey. These have been prioritised and aligned with key stakeholders, in order to redefine the customer care and digital service delivery priorities for the business.

As part of the strategy developed, the role of content has been vital in order to address the customer needs throughout the process, from when a loved one is needing some sort of assistance right through to navigating the processes and understanding the Government support and funding opportunities.

We continue to work closely with KinCare to constantly review this strategy, via careful and effective measurement of the initiatives and properties to ensure business goals are addressed and constantly optimised.

The discovery and subsequent investigation combined with proposed strategies have helped the organisation drive measurable and successful commercial and customer experience outcomes. I think I love them

Reichel Cheslett – Head of Digital / Marketing Acquisition