Connect with the stories behind the artworks

Museum of Contemporary Art

Connect with the stories behind the artworks

Museum of Contemporary Art

We’re always thrilled to work with one of Australia’s leading cultural institutions. So when the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) approached us to collaborate on their in-gallery digital platform,, we didn’t hesitate.

MCA challenged us to enhance the onsite virtual guide experience is a web based app that enables gallery visitors to interact with the artwork in the gallery in a variety of ways. Visitors can scan artworks to prompt audio and video guides, read more about artists and curators and engage with learning activities for kids.

The platform as with all things at the MCA is inclusive from the core. Supporting their diverse user needs by integrating a dedicated AUSLAN tour, audio guides with transcripts and hosting content in multiple languages.

The design needed to be intuitive and complement the gallery experience

Working alongside the digital, content, marketing and curation teams at MCA, as well as the Livdeo development team responsible for the infrastructure behind the web app, our objective was to enhance the experience by making browsing and discovering artworks more immersive and engaging, complementing not detracting from the art itself.

With a mobile-first approach, design exploration and rapid prototyping we adopted design patterns and interactions often seen in social media platforms: a masonry grid overview of a collection and immersive full-screen view of each artwork.

With a quick scan of the artwork, users can listen to an audio guide spoken by either the artist or the curator of the exhibition while intuitively being able to swipe up to read more about the artwork, the artist’s process and view their profile.

Image above:Guan Wei,Feng Shui, 2004. Installation view,Guan Wei: MCA Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, 2019. Acrylic on composite board. Museum of Contemporary Art, donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by Cromwell Diversified Property Trust, 2017. Photograph: Anna Kučera

We’ve enabled art lovers to connect with the works like never before

With the Museum of Contemporary Art opening its doors to over 1 million visitors a year, the team at Pollen are extremely proud and excited to be able to contribute to enriching the art viewing experience for all visitors.