User Experience Research


We offer

  • Research lab
  • Recruitment
  • Test scripts & research plan
  • Impact reports

We understand that product teams need to move fast. Waiting months for insights isn’t feasible, and research in-house can slow velocity. We accelerate feedback loops, enabling teams to prototype and validate strategic assumptions early and often. Our team partners with you in finding the right qualitative and quantitative techniques to elicit the data-driven insights you need to move forward.

Product Validation
When you need insights fast without compromising quality

Our UX researchers will become an extension of your team, introducing new ways to engage customers when you need to test and validate proofs of concept, and existing or future products. We also partner with organisations to develop programs of continual customer research, ensuring your investments align with customer needs.

What you get
  • Research plans and ongoing validation
  • Recruitment of participants
  • Session facilitation, remote and in-person
  • Online live stream testing for remote observations
  • Validation with velocity
  • Evaluative and generative research
Understanding your customer
Great products are born out of a deep understanding of customers

We provide human-centred research by immersing ourselves in the world of people, using your products to understand their behaviours.We combine this with business context to inform strategic decision-making.

What you get
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Ethnographic research
  • Qualitative and immersive
  • Quantitative research, partnering where appropriate
  • Tactical insights and guidance
  • Learnings in days, not months
  • Actionable, product-centric reporting
Research Reports
Impactful reports that are product-centric

We discover, gather, analyse and synthesise research insights into robust yet easy-to-understand visualisations of your users’ journeys. This highlights pain points and needs, triggers and issues, and is accompanied by opportunities and strategically actionable recommendations.

What you get
  • Insight-driven behaviour personas
  • Customer journeys
  • Comprehensive insights report
  • Engaging 'voice of customer' playbacks
  • Relational research insight database
  • Insights ready for implementation
  • Holistic view that balances customer insights and business strategy