Making a much-loved brand stand out with
an amazing shopping experience


Making a much-loved brand stand out with
an amazing shopping experience


Modibodi specialises in producing a range of reusable, leak-proof apparel designed for comfort, sustainability and functionality. Founded ten years ago, Modibodi quickly attracted a large online customer base. Today, the company runs five e-commerce stores in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe and the USA.

In a hyper-competitive e-commerce landscape, it’s critical for Modibodi to remain at the forefront of technology innovation.

An e-commerce makeover powered by Shopify’s largest product update

With Shopify’s largest product release on the horizon, Modibodi decided to take the opportunity to give their e-commerce presence a complete refresh. We were thrilled to partner with them on this transformational project.


In June 2021, Shopify announced the release of Online Store 2.0, commonly referred to as Shopify 2.0. We upgraded Modibodi’s five online stores, delivering access to all the benefits provided by Shopify 2.0 including greater flexibility to customise a store’s appearance, an improved theme editor user interface and simplified third party app integration.

We also redesigned the information architecture and navigation to help customers easily find the right products for them. Key to this redesign was careful consideration of the content organisation and labelling to provide every customer with an accessible, inclusive experience.

Easier than ever to manage content

Editing the theme is now easier than ever with all available features and functionality in one place. It’s a far more user-friendly experience for Modibodi staff as they navigate and edit content.


Greater flexibility and control over all website content

Shopify 2.0 includes Shopify Sections for all website pages. Previously, Sections could only be used on a homepage.

Sections are individual page components such as text blocks, sliders, and carousels that can be added, removed, and rearranged to create unique templates for pages, products, and blog posts.
It’s now easy for Modibodi editors to modify the look of the store, promote a new product launch or reorder the content on a page.

The newly created theme gives Modibodi editors access to predefined sections that allow them easily to build out custom pages and content while maintaining a consistent look and feel. In addition, it’s easier to build and deploy new sections that give editors greater flexibility and control.

Advanced product customisation

Prior to the upgrade, the only way to customise product data, whether that was to add extra product information or link to related products, was to use third party apps.

With Shopify 2.0’s upgrade to Shopify Metafields, Modibodi can now easily add custom details to products such as fabric type, size guide, and care instructions - no third party apps needed! The metafields make it easy to standardise product data and ensure products are presented consistently on the store.

The expanded range of metafields introduces a huge range of customisation options, including colour, product details, variant information, measurements, files, data, time, true/false values, numbers, ratings, and more. It’s now fast and simple to highlight the unique features of any product.


A one-click process for app integrations

Shopify 2.0 has simplified the process to integrate app widgets and extensions - and it takes just one click.

It’s a huge advancement from the typical app integration, which requires the theme to be edited, toggling options and adding the widget through app blocks. 

This streamlined process gives Modibodi complete control over the placement of a widget (for example, product reviews) on a page, allowing them to rearrange the position of blocks effortlessly using drag and drop functionality.


An easier way to build and test

The Shopify 2.0 upgrade introduced a whole new way for developers to build and test themes and apps. It includes a new Shopify GitHub integration that makes it easier for developers to collaborate while editing themes by introducing native support for version control. The Shopify CLI has also been updated to allow Pollen’s engineers to safely develop, preview and test changes to themes.

One flexible master theme for five sites

With an e-commerce store serving five global regions, a key project requirement was to give Modibodi the ability to customise content for each region.

We set up a workflow process for Modibodi that allows us to maintain one master version of their theme. It’s published to each of their five online stores in a way that preserves the parts of the theme that have been customised for each region.


A robust foundation for growth

The re-architected Modibodi website delivers a simplified, easy-to-navigate content experience for customers, a refreshed look and feel that brings the brand to life and improved accessibility.

Importantly for the Modibodi team, the streamlined content editing experience has brought forward greater flexibility and significant business efficiencies, while also setting up a solid foundation to build upon into the future.