A lean approach to fitness


A lean approach to fitness


When Byron based personal trainer Naz De Bono from REDUX came to us with her vision for a new type of fitness program, we were excited about this start-up business idea. Though we quickly understood that creating a cut-through product in the crowded online fitness market was going to be difficult. We do enjoy a challenge.

Standing out in a crowded market

Armed with some great looking 4K content and a well structured 14-day workout program, our first task was to work out how we could help them differentiate in the crowded fitness market. We reviewed the competitors, analysed social media behaviours and fitness habits of potential audiences to determine how this new program could stand out. Through this preliminary research we also identified and refined who our target demographic was, this not only helped us shape the product features, but also the brand identity and tone of voice.

Fitness fanatics or couch potatoes?

With our audiences identified, we started to further develop the brand. With a set of key visuals communicating the brand, the program offering and pricing options for the new product, we hit the streets for some guerrilla testing to see how our potential audience responded.

With the results from this preliminary audience feedback, combined with in-depth competitor research we set about defining REDUX’s value proposition - what makes us different, what value do we offer our audiences and again, what will make this product stand out.

Once we understood all of these things, we were able to refine the brand and product offering, and by taking a lean approach we were able to get that product into the hands of our users faster.

Starting to shape up

Staying lean and moving fast

By researching and then leveraging existing app and content delivery platforms, we were able to get an alpha version of the product into market quickly, without having to build a platform from scratch. (not always viable when you are a start-up). This approach means REDUX can now focus on building and iterating on the content and product as they learn from real users in-market.

In addition to the brand and app development, we also built a supporting website that supports marketing efforts and can easily adapt as the app and the product continues to evolve, as we better understand our users' needs/behaviours.

Results take time

It takes a lot more than defining the brand and product offering to get to and be successful in-market. So, in order to give REDUX its best opportunity for success, we utilised partners of ours to provide assistance in the areas of business modelling, marketing plan development and media relations to assist with launch and beyond.

The app product launched early 2020, so it’s early days on understanding product-market fit. Though we continue to work with the REDUX team, listening to audience feedback, reviewing usage statistics and then helping them implement this iteratively into the product.

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