Designing better money moments

Beem It

Designing better money moments

Beem It

Life is full of memorable moments

Moments that shouldn't be interrupted by money. That’s what Beem_It, sought to solve.

Beem_It is a joint venture between 3 of the ‘Big 4’ Australian banks that allows users to pay and get paid instantly, effortlessly and securely, so you can avoid those awkward money moments and focus on the moments that matter.

Beem_It engaged Pollen as an independent UX, research and design team prior to its initial launch. At this stage the product was an ambitious prototype that was pushing the boundaries of how users interacted with finance apps.

We worked closely with the Beem_It in-house team to validate the design and through a series of one-on-one user testing sessions, we were able to refine the core functionality of the app to get it ready for its big first outing.

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The Beem_It team had an ambitious roadmap of new features and functionality, but what features will have the biggest impact and deliver the most customer value?

This is where we helped out.

Over the weeks pre and post launch, the Pollen team performed extensive research into key user groups. From students and share-house dwellers to office workers and families.

We performed interviews to better understand how people transact

From split-bills, social transactions and buying from merchants, we mapped the audiences ‘Money Moments’ to better understand how the product could evolve to better align with their needs.

In order to boost the uptake after launch, we were again tasked with the design, testing and validation of the in-app referral and rewards feature.

We designed and validated an incentivised member get member campaign

Which encourages app usage and enhances the viral spread of the product within connected groups of our key target market.

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Who’d have thought that giving free money would be so successful! We helped grow the user base from 100's to 100's of thousands within weeks of launch, and the growth continues…

Try it for yourself.

Beem_It is available in the App Store on both Android and iOS.