Helping customers get a 5-star deal


Helping customers get a 5-star deal


Since 1992, Canstar (and subsequently Canstar Blue) have been helping Aussies make the right decision before parting with their hard-earned cash. As one of the most trusted brands and biggest financial comparison platforms in this country, we were chuffed when they trusted us to help them evolve the customer experience for their comparison products.

A relationship built on trust

Canstar's ability to simplify the complex world of things like home loans, health insurance, electricity and even mobile plans has seen them become one of Australia's fastest-growing digital businesses, with a staggering 1 in 6 Australians visiting their sites last year.

Change is hard, rapid change is harder

Change is hard, especially on a large active and thriving platform like Canstar has built. We really wanted to work on a brand as loved, and a platform as complex and challenging as Canstar.

But first, we had to win a competitive pitch. We succeeded in part by mirroring Canstar's own incredibly methodical approach, in our own process. We knew that to provide a digital solution that would increase commercial outcomes while enhancing the overall customer experience to keep Australian's coming back to Canstar; we'd need a simple way of working together.

Of course, collaboration and communication are always central to all the projects we do for our clients, but we took it to another level with Canstar.

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

Like all new relationships, spending a few days together helps us get to know each other better. We know good design and strategic solutions will only come from truly understanding, not only the problem, but also the business as a whole. We immersed with the Brisbane based team, and through a series of structured workshops, we were able to get a deep understanding of their challenges, ambitions and customer desires.

Sprinting fast & slow

With so many opportunities uncovered, we worked to prioritise the objectives into multiple product sprints, defining the quick wins and the longer-term vision. We worked collaboratively with the internal teams, checking in daily and moving fast to help standardise their design system across multiple categories and brands. This ensured an efficient and very smooth completion of each deliverable.


Design System

We continue to support the growing product teams at Canstar to evolve their offering and find new forms of revenue and growth while maintaining the trust that is key to the brands continued success.