Bringing heritage into the modern

GML Heritage

Bringing heritage into the modern

GML Heritage

GML Heritage is one of Australia's leading heritage consultancies with over 28 years of experience, comprising a team of over 50 experienced professionals including archaeologists, architects, historians and built heritage experts. GML consult for the country’s premier developers on their most prestigious projects.

GML Archaeology

With a number of emerging competitors trying to emulate what GML do, our challenge was clear:

How can GML reaffirm themselves as the leaders in the heritage industry?

The way GML were communicating to their audience online didn’t truly reflect the standard in which they practised. Their website was dated, lacking a vision for the future and a voice that conveyed what was at the heart of their story. It was an opportunity for Pollen to work alongside GML and reaffirm this premium position.

Heritage future makers

Our aim was to position GML as industry thought leaders, forging a future that was built on the foundations of its past. To do this, we created a framework for communication that was supported by the three pillars at the heart of their business – projects, people and perspectives.

GML Projects

A management shift and website refresh was a perfect opportunity to showcase the distinctive services GML had to offer, that until now, had not been effectively communicated. We set out to design and build a site with a minimalist design system, aiming to hero the content and optimise the reading experience.

GML Logos

Although not part of the original ‘website’ brief and upon further review of the business and surrounding collateral, we felt strongly some slight updates to the primary GML identity would assist in this revised positioning. So to coincide with the new site launch, we updated the GML brand, including a new logo and a revision of their hero brand colour was done to realign with this new look.

GML Staircase

Projects. People. Perspectives.

Throughout our initial Project Context sessions with GML we discovered that one of the leading drivers to the site from search, was its people. Therefore we needed to ensure People were kept central to the overarching structure.

Therefore the website was structured in a way that allowed users to jump from each of the three content pillars at any moment, demonstrating their interdependence. Transitional quotes between each page offer valuable insights from the team at GML.

GML People
GML Transitions

Project case studies and team member profiles exemplify the passion and expertise GML have in the heritage space with a ‘Perspectives’ section providing a platform to share their learnings and views of planning for the future, in context of the past.

One of the primary project goals was to ‘communicate contemporary ways of thinking about heritage’. We believe we have achieved this goal for GML.

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