Web and App Development

Pollen has a 100% local web and application development, UX and Design team with the experience to nurture your idea into reality and help you stand out in a crowded market.

Beautiful, engaging web experiences

The common element with everything we develop is a highly refined front-end experience using the very best tools and techniques and so it's no surprise that we've been recognised for the work we've done for brands that care deeply about the experience such as Aesop and Quay Restaurant.

Scalable, high performance platforms

Using Django, Node.js and other modern frameworks, we have delivered secure, high-performance platforms to serve web and mobile experiences that stand out from the rest.

Flexible, popular CMS options

We can build your CMS driven website using familiar systems such as Wordpress and for those with more sophisticated requirements such as Headless CMS, we can build using highly scalable and customisable options including cloud CMS (DatoCMS, Prismic, Contentful among others)

Inclusive, Accessible and Standards compliant

We hand-build standards-compliant (WCAG 2.0/1) accessible, inclusive and SEO friendly sites using the foundational technologies that are optimised for various user capabilities and devices ranging from mobile phones to large museum displays.

Rich Web Applications

For those that require a richer, app-like experience. We design and rapidly implement components for prototypes and full applications using modern front-end frameworks React and Vue.

Low cost & secure - Set and forget

Pollen has extensive experience developing secure by design, low maintenance and modern, beautiful static websites that have little to no hosting costs or using serverless technologies and cloud based CMSs and frameworks such as Gatsby, DatoCMS and Prismic.

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