Headless CMS

Why consider a Headless CMS?

Headless! A Headless CMS they said! What good is a CMS if it has no head?

Fear not! A Headless CMS provides the ultimate flexibility in how your investment in content is realised. Imagine being able to have content that is portable... Content that can be created once and then be used on a website, in an app and even on your watch or TV!

Imagine being able to share content with other parts of your company without needing to duplicate or update in multiple places.

In a traditional CMS, you are free to create web pages full of content, attach images and videos. But the content is deeply connected to the CMS itself preventing you from using it in other places. The content is trapped.

We build platforms utilising Headless CMSs such as Sanity, Contentful and Strapi to unleash your content and provide a great return on investment.

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