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We love Gumtree. It’s a fantastic brand and platform. This project was one of our most challenging. We were originally engaged on a mobile website, when our collaborative approach unearthed a different journey.

What if we could make the entire platform responsive?

Gumtree, as with many other sites, is getting an increasingly higher demand from consumers on their mobiles. So how can we make a more enjoyable and profitable experience for all?

We were challenged to find a way for Gumtree to offer consumers an amazing experience, regardless of where they are or what device they’re on. But there is a massive practical side to the maintenance of multiple versions of the site. We basically needed to future proof Gumtree for every gadget out there.

We basically needed to future proof Gumtree for every gadget out there.

Now here’s the hard bit - without alienating the current 4.5M monthly users.

We had no real benchmark; we were truly journeying into the unknown.

At the time, no other big classifieds site had taken the responsive plunge. We had no real benchmark; we were truly journeying into the unknown.

We held multiple workshops, drank multiple cups of tea, filled multiple walls with 1000’s of post it notes, trying to find the best variations and responsive implementation.

We then drank more tea. And did the process again.

If we’re going to do this properly, we’re going to make it bullet proof.

Our agile approach allowed us to work alongside Gumtree’s development team, designing the user experience across multiple screens - something other folks may have struggled with. As we completed each step, we were able to support their development team by integrating these designs into the website, whilst ensuring they could handle the vast amounts of variations in each Gumtree listing.

The site was then launched in 2 phases: the first within 3 months of beginning the project (and also just days before Christmas – ready to take on an influx of Australia’s unwanted Christmas gifts, after a large-scale marketing campaign), with the sellers’ side launching days later.

In other words, we saved thousands of cluttered living rooms by completing a significant amount of work in an extremely short time period. We’re not saying we saved Christmas, but maybe Boxing Day.

Well, the site revenue remained stable throughout the updates; there was even an increase in revenue from mobile devices.

Big grins all round.

Customer service calls remained remarkably low for such a project and, even though there were a few kinks, because of our collaborative approach these were quickly and easily ironed out.

And, to top it off, we had some lovely compliments from the classifieds group globally for the efficiency and quality of the project.

As we all richly know, ‘the site is never finished’, so the journey continues as we continue to build on this amazing platform.

“ From the outset this project seemed like it was going to be very demanding, given the proposed timelines. Though through a tight collaboration between our platform guys and the Pollen team we managed to keep this on track and ahead of expectations. ”
Grant BryceHead of Core Operations
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