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Wine Matcher

We live in a society with an abundance of choice - and when it comes to food and wine, this is especially the case. The sheer range of wine varieties, vintages and brands is overwhelming and when coupled with the multicultural influences on the range of cuisines we enjoy, it presents a classic modern problem.

How do you find that perfect match between a wine and a dish - one that not only compliments, but takes the experience to another level?


The Wine Matcher App features over 160 ingredients + food styles matched with over 50 wine varieties and tasting notes


In a substantial data effort, we worked with wine experts at Accolade wines to find arguably the definitive list of wine varieties and match them with popular food styles, ingredients and dishes.

Featuring wines from the entire Accolade portfolio across popular styles, the App makes your choice easy. It’s your new best sommelier friend that conveniently fits in your pocket.


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