Making an impact on families in need

Family By Family

Making an impact on families in need

Family By Family

With our continued relationship with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), Pollen were approached to redevelop the website for one of their foundation programs, Family By Family. A program designed to help families build better lives, through peer-to-peer coaching and professional mentoring.

Family By Family find and train families who’ve been through tough times and come out the other side, so that they can support other families who want to make changes in their lives.

A project that was going to make a difference

Having developed successful programs in SA and NSW, Family By Family were keen to find partners to help spread the program nationally and internationally.

They needed a website that would help connect them to service providers interested in implementing the program in new regions, and funding bodies who would help facilitate this. It also needed to resonate with families joining the program.

Family By Family knew that their narrative would evolve during the project, so the site needed to be flexible and allow their story to grow alongside the program.

In a collaborative workshop with the Family By Family team, we identified the key needs for each of our audiences and mapped content & features to answer those needs. From our map, we created a site architecture that guided each audience along their core journey while ‘signposting’ them to explore and discover more of the Family By Family story.

Knowing flexibility was key, we designed the site architecture to scale and extend to incorporate future content and features for each audience as the program evolves.

The website needed to resonate with all audiences

The task in redesigning the Family By Family website first entailed an evolution of their existing brand. Our goal with the brand was not to start from scratch, but rather review the existing brand elements and repurpose them into a professional, yet warm and approachable look and feel.

We then put the refreshed brand elements to use by developing a scalable design system that could be applied across all Family By Family digital properties including their coaching app. The website aimed to hero real families and their stories, hitting home the impact in which the program had on families in need.

Within 3 months of launching the website, Family By Family had successfully partnered with a potential new service provider in NSW.

Job done.

Currently Family By Family are in continued discussions with other funding bodies to extend the program further within Australia and adapt it for Maori family culture in New Zealand.

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